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Hurricane & Rainbows booklets

We thank the Cabinet of the Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten for buying books of the Hurricane and Rainbows project. Soon these books will be traveling to the Netherlands to be shared there #proudmoment

Did you know: the ‘Hurricane and Rainbows’ - book is an ideal Christmas (corporate) gift! Besides that, with these books you immediately support a good cause. All profit goes to theWhite and Yellow Cross Care Foundation to continue with projects focused on intergenerational connections. Young and old can learn from each other, looking at the world through different eyes, they connect and enjoy each other's company. Something to invest in, especially in these times.

You can get your copy at the Front desk of the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, St. John's Estate Road # 6 (ask for Mirjam Vierhout). You can also contact Caroline van Oost by emailing her at to discuss another location for pick up and/or delivery! Price is $15,- per book

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