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The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation provides client centered quality care in a warm and safe environment to all Sint Maarten residents in need of our services. This trusted CARE is supported by continuous learning opportunities for all employees. Together, we have a long-term commitment to quality care.

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The chosen motto for the WYCCF is "Trusted CARE." Trusted refers to what we are and what we do:


we are reliable, dependable, we have a long term commitment to deliver high quality and safe care, we strive for excellence and have high regard for clients’ privacy by ensuring confidentiality.

This supports us in our mission to be a trusted care provider on Sint Maarten.

The word CARE represents our core values (this is the “how we do it”).


What kind of values do we expect all employees to practice and to display in their daily work?

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“The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation strives to deliver sustainable trusted CARE.

We want to identify and fulfill prevention, cure and care needs on Sint Maarten, for our residents and those of surrounding islands.


This evolving and diverse environment offers career and ersonal development opportunities to our committed employees.”

Historically the focus of the WYCCF has always been on chronic care and care for persons with a disability.


However, prevention and cure have become a growing part of the foundations’ services.


Information and advice has been a Home Healthcare product since 2007 and with the official opening of the physical rehabilitation center, cure activities became set in a multidisciplinary care model, resulting in greater recovery of independence than the previous overseas rehabilitation care.


In the coming years, preventative care and services will be further

developed and implemented. This focus is included in our newly described vision statement.





To provide client-centered care, care that is organized around the client. Identify, respect and care about clients’ differences, values, preferences and expressed needs; relieve pain and suffering; coordinate continuous care; listen to, communicate with and clearly inform clients and their families.


This is the starting point of all relationship building. Someone who is attentive is considerate, polite and courteous.


Attentiveness is demonstrated by both non-verbal and verbal behaviors. Attentiveness also means listening closely and observing carefully.


This is the foundation for trusted care. Respect is politeness, kindness and courtesy shown to others.


Respect must be shown every day, at all levels of our organization, for us to provide the best care and an excellent client experience. When our employees feel valued and respected, this will enhance their ability to put the client first in everything we do.


Recognizing emotions in others, and being able to "put yourself in another person's shoes" – understanding the other person's perspective and reality and communicating that understanding to the person effectively. To be empathic, you have to think beyond yourself and your own concerns.


Once you see beyond your own world, you'll realize that there's so much to discover and appreciate.

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Truly living the mission statement and its core values is supported by the WYCCF continuous learning program for all its employees. Internal growth and promotion are a core part of the strength of the organization, focusing on the ongoing development of all staff. 



White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation

1972-Present Day - Then and Now

The care services of the White and Yellow Cross Foundation originated more than a hundred years ago. It started around 1900 when clergyman began to provide care for the needy. Over the years, hospital and elderly care started to develop and increase, resulting in 1970 with the official establishment of the White and Yellow Cross Foundation Sint Maarten. In 1991 Hospital care was transferred to the Sint Maarten Medical Center and the WYCF continued to focus on chronic care, elderly services and the intellectually disabled.

In 2003 the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) was established and in 2006 an organizational change was initiated with the switch from departmental descriptions to care product definitions. Since the transformation of the White and Yellow Cross Foundation into the WYCCF, it has grown from a charity focused entity to a professional healthcare organization. The foundation is presently one of the major healthcare providers of St. Maarten, providing

tailor-made care to a growing diversity of target groups. 


Frans Mulder

In 1967 Mother Superior, Edelberta de Barbason approached Frans Mulder and asked him to become a board member of the White and Yellow Cross Foundation. He was the first layman to be asked as a board member. He accepted and three years later he was asked to take over from Mother Superior as she was called back to the Netherlands.  In his wildest dreams he never thought that it would last 35 years as president of the Board and many more years as a board member after he resigned as president in 2006.

Frans Mulder shaped our organization. He was the driving force behind the former St. Rose Hospital, St. Martin’s Home, District Nursing in Backstreet and Sister Basilia Center in South reward. He initiated the developments in Sint John’s Estate. Advanced facilities were constructed: the new Sint Martin’s Home, the Rehabilitation Center, a Daycare for psycho-geriatric clients, Sister Basilia Residence and the Day Activity Center. A dream came through when Sint Rose Arcade was opened in 2003 by his wife Irma. The last project he was working on was a new home for the Elderly.

With his passionate and “bon vivant” personality Frans Mulder has left an unforgettable legacy in our Foundation and on our island, the passion to truly care for others and to work hard to achieve your goals, for the benefit of the people of Sint Maarten.

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1937.12.29 - 2015.05.17

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department managers


Mimi Hodge

My name is Mimi Hodge. I was born and raised on Dutch side of Sint Maarten. Since 2016 I am the department manager of Sister Basilia Center. Sister Basilia Center caters to clients with a cognitive and physical impairment.


The Sister Basilia Center, founded on August 1984, is a department within the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation. Within the SBC we have three care products: Day Activity Center, Night Care and Guided Living. 

At the Sister Basilia Center we believe that every individual with a disability (cognitive impairment, autism, Down-syndrome etc.) should take his / her rightful place in the society, should be treated with dignity and equality and should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential. 


Angelica van Putten

My name is Angelica van Putten.

Born and raised in Curaçao. I have 40 years of experience in Intramural and Extramural care in Curaçao.


As of the 1st of November, I became part of the WYCCF family as District manager. Extramural Care has always been my passion. I just felt at home in this organization that stands for care in every sense of the word.


Trusted care for their clients and their team members. I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with my team of District Nurses to provide Quality Care to our clients, families, caretakers, and the community of St. Maarten.


Macfolda Gumbs

My name is Macfolda Gumbs, I`m a daughter of the soil. Born on St. Maarten I grew up in middle Region. I am a Registered Nurse.


In  1986 when I returned from my studies in Aruba, I got a job at the Sint Martin’s Home (SMH) of the WYCCF, I have been working there ever since, at that time SMH was located on front street, at the location which is now known as Sint Rose Arcade. Over the years, SMH has expanded and I have grown along with it also, catering to the care needs on the island. Over the years I have functioned in different positions such as, student coach, assistant Unit Leader, and Unit Leader.


Since 2008 I function as Department Manager of the Sint Martin’s Home. We have five care products: Nursing Home Care, Hospice, Elderly Care (assisted living), Psycho-Geriatric Daycare and the Rehabilitation Department.


I am asked many times, how is it that I work this long at the WYCCF? I have one answer: I love my job! I have seen many positive changes throughout the years. We have a good board and management that always give their staff opportunities to grow when it comes to trainings and elevating oneself. I took advantage of every learning opportunity that was given to me. Together with my team we strive to give each client that is placed in our care, the best of care.


Management team


Bregje Boetekees

My name is Bregje Boetekees, I was born in Curacao and raised in the Netherlands where I completed my bachelor’s degree in science of Nursing. In 1994 I moved to Sint Maarten, the island I call home. In 2000 I started to work at the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation as a Quality Nurse, the Nursing Home was at that time located in Front Street. A year later I became the Department Manager of the Sint Martin’s Home, managing a team of passionate nurses and facility staff, committed to give the best of care to our clients.


In the summer of 2008, I became the Operations Manager of this foundation, supporting our dedicated board and our three Department Managers in the general management of our organization. This role has enabled me to develop several new care products to better serve the population of Sint Maarten, such as our psycho-geriatric daycare, the rehabilitation center, home care, guided living and most recently the first hospice on our island. This variety in care, our committed and loyal employees and all the opportunities to develop and grow are the main reasons I enjoy working for this Foundation.


Jan Peter Holtland

My name is Jan Peter Holtland, born and raised in The Netherlands. I studied in The Netherlands and got my bachelor degree in economics and afterwards a post bachelor’s degree in financial controlling. I have 20+ years of experience in finance both in The Netherlands as in Sint Maarten.

In 2006 I moved to Sint Maarten, fell in love with the island, met my wife and will most probably never leave again. I joined the WYC in July 2019 and I am happy to be part of this positive organization with so many passionate colleagues to take care of our patients.

I am the financial manager, and my goals are to further professionalize the organization and to make it possible to give space for further growth of our high-quality care and development opportunities of my committed colleagues.


Johanna Wever

My name is Johanna Wever, and I was born on Sint Maarten. I completed my studies in the Netherlands and moved back to Sint Maarten in 2012 where I gained 10+ years of experience in Human Resources.

I joined the team of the WYCCF in January 2022 and I am now the HR Manager of our organization.


I am a people-person with a passion to motivate and get others to bring out the best in themselves.

I am happy to be part of such a positive organization that believes in continuous learning opportunities for all. I look forward to contributing positively to the growth of our organization and our Trusted CARE Team.


board members 

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(Board Member)

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Grace Spencer

(Board Member)


(Board Member)

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(Vice Chair)

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(Board Member)

Trusted Care

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