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Registered Nurse - Nursing Home

St. John's Estate Road #6, St. John's Cul-de Sac, Sint Maarten

Job Type


About the Role

This vacancy is for a full time position (40 hours per week) within our St. Martin’s Home — Nursing Home. Nursing Home care is divided into the sections Psychogeriatric care and Somatic care.

The RN job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Coordinates nursing care;
Provides support to clients with ADL activities;
Performs nursing activities;
Executes administrative tasks;
Promotes quality of care.


The job requires:

· MBO level 4 Nursing;

· Relevant work experience in nursing care and elderly care;

· Able to work all shifts and work independently;

· Knowledge of the English language.

Dutch residents or permanent residence permit holders only.

About the Company

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation provides client-centered quality care in a warm and safe environment to all Sint Maarten residents in need. This trusted CARE is supported by continuous learning opportunities for all our 175+ employees. Besides remuneration, vacation allowance, Christmas bonus, healthcare insurance, and our pension plan, we offer a great and inspiring work atmosphere with opportunities to grow, personally and professionally. Because you will take care of our clients, we will support your health by offering a variety of free sports classes on a daily basis.

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