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Celebration reopening of our psychogeriatric daycare

Today we celebrate the reopening of our psychogeriatric daycare.

Due to the recent outbreak of covid-19 in our Nursing Home this Daycare was closed for three weeks while we focused on the full recovery of our 12 affected clients.

We are grateful to be able to report that all have recovered from covid-19, an amazing recovery with the assistance of our dedicated team.

Our affected employees have thankfully also recovered with our last colleague returning to work by the middle of this week.

We have performed more than 120 covid-19 tests and have found no new cases in any of our departments. Testing will continue when needed, as we remain alert to any possible signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.

The return of our daycare clients today is a very happy moment, we know how much our clients enjoy the daycare program and our team was so happy to see them again.

Our psychogeriatric daycare offers tailormade activities to persons who are diagnosed with a medical condition that affects their independent functioning, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

As today is World Alzheimer Day our reopening could not have been better timed. Everyone, regardless of age or medical condition, deserves the highest quality of life. Our therapeutic daycare program is an important part of the care available to those that are affected by dementia. Such supportive care, covered by the AVBZ fund which is managed by the SZV, is crucial to enable persons to remain living at home. Opened in September 2012, we are proud to enter our 9th year of service to our clients and their families. In celebration of World Alzheimer Day lets continue to reach out to those affected by this illness.

“We remember their love when they can no longer remember”

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