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Covid-19 update

After three clients of our Nursing Home tested positive for covid-19, we tested clients who share the same living room and who could have had contact with the confirmed positive clients. From the 13 clients tested, 8 have tested negative and 5 were found to be positive.

This means that our separate covid unit now has 8 clients in care. Seven are stable, with some having no symptoms. One client was admitted last night in SMMC, where their special covid team is giving the best of treatment and care.

We pray for the full recovery of all our clients and for strength and support for the families and our employees. We ask for everyone’s continued support to get through this very trying time together. Our dedicated covid team continues to deliver the best treatment and care to those that are infected with this virus.

From the very first known infection last week we have informed the Inspectorate of Health and continue to give daily updates on the developments within our Foundation. We will post updates on our Facebook page when these become available but only after first informing clients, families and staff.

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