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WYCCF updates Covid-19 Visitation Policy due to the fifth Covid-19 wave.

The White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) has implemented stricter preventative measures to protect its clients, staff, and visitors in response to the surge in active Covid-19 cases on the island.

Starting today, only outdoor visitation (for example, on the porch) will be allowed. Strict use of masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene is required, and visitors can’t access the building or contact other clients. In addition to these measures, the WYCCF also reinstates the preventative testing of all staff twice a week to catch infections early and prevent clusters.

Because our residents are among the highest risk groups, it is crucial to shield them from the virus and prevent a possible outbreak within the facility. When the cases dropped after the last wave of the Delta variant in September 2021, the WYCCF was happy to be able to ease the restrictions again because visitation is very important for our clients. Especially for the older and more vulnerable clients.

The WYCCF hopes to return to pre-covid times as soon as possible. But with the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 circulating and higher numbers of active cases of Covid-19, we have to think about our client’s and staff safety first.

The WYCCF encourages everyone to get vaccinated and get their booster as soon as possible at the CPS in the Vineyard Building. Vaccination increases your protection against the Covid-19 virus and this new Omicron variant. You are less likely to be infected, infect others, and, most importantly, to be hospitalized.

That being said, the WYCCF believes that these guidelines are safe enough to allow visits to happen safely outdoors. Therefore, we would like to encourage those who have a loved one at the WYCCF to come to visit them, as they genuinely appreciate it.

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