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Covid-19 update

These last few days we have focused on testing anyone in our Nursing Home who may have been in contact with our clients who are covid-19 positive.

We tested the last nine clients yesterday and received all negative results, which we are very grateful for. Due to the incubation time of this coronavirus, we continue to quarantine those that may have been exposed, regardless of their negative test result. We will do this for 14 days from their last possible exposure and continue to monitor everyone carefully for any signs and symptoms that may develop. Every staff member in our Nursing Home tested so far has tested negative and we will continue testing when needed.

I would like to clarify that the first covid-19 infection was found in our Elderly Care unit, these are the 3 new buildings more in the back of our terrain, adjacent to Retreat Estate. This client was admitted in SMMC on Monday August 24th and returned last Monday to our Elderly Care unit. He is recovered from covid-19 after the great treatment and care he received from their dedicated covid team. We want to thank everyone of SMMC who helped our client recover and for everything they do on a daily basis during these challenging times. We appreciate your hard work very much!

The two employees of WYCCF who had tested positive for covid-19 around the same time our client of Elderly Care was positive, have since also fully recovered and we were very happy to welcome them back at work this week. All other employees of our Elderly Care unit that have been tested so far are all negative.

The eight clients who are currently infected with covid-19 live in our Nursing Home, the main building here in St. John’s Estate. Seven are receiving care and treatment in our own covid unit and are doing well. Their condition is stable, for which we are very grateful. The eighth client will return tomorrow from SMMC, having received treatment for other underlying conditions. We are so happy to welcome her home tomorrow, she will remain in our covid unit for a few more days.

With the ring testing completed of everyone that was exposed to any of our infected clients, and no new infections found, we have now tested our other Nursing Home residents. These clients do not share a bedroom or living room with the confirmed positive clients but testing was done out of an abundance of caution. We are awaiting these results and will continue to post updates on our FB page.

To the families and friends of our clients who are covid-19 positive: you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We pray for the full recovery of all and are here to support you.

As the manager of this foundation, I am extremely proud of all our employees. Not only those who work in our Sint Martin’s Home, but also the teams of the Sister Basilia Center and District Nursing.

Every day you come to work, committed to give the best of care, working extra hours when needed and doing so with a true passion for care. Your continued support will help us through these difficult weeks, giving me confidence that better days are coming.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me on 5484431 or email me at:

Bregje Boetekees, manager of WYCCF.

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