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Covid-19 update

Today we are so grateful to share the full recovery of our first two Nursing Home clients after receiving care and treatment in our covid unit here at WYCCF.

Our dedicated covid team was very happy to walk them back to their own rooms and seeing them return to their familiar and trusted routines.

We are thankful for the confidence and trust placed by their family members in our team and for the continuous support of our doctors, Fridtjof Bouman and Carla van Dam. With input of the medical specialists of SMMC, the treatment plans were determined, and combined with the great care of our nursing team, our first two clients have recovered.

In a previous Facebook update I mentioned that even though many of our Nursing Home clients tested negative, we continued their quarantine as the coronavirus has an incubation time of up to 14 days. This was especially important for those clients that use the same living room as the first eight clients that tested positive. The fact they had tested negative several days after their last possible exposure did not mean we could let our guard down. We continued to monitor everyone carefully and unfortunately noticed a loss of appetite in several of these clients. Retesting was done, bringing our total of infected Nursing Home clients to twelve.

With two clients discharged from our covid unit, we continue the care and treatment for our other ten clients who are improving day by day. We pray for their full recovery and for strength and support for their families and friends who are in touch with us daily to follow their progress.

The test results of all our other Nursing Home clients and staff we tested at WYCCF were negative, confirming that the outbreak is contained and no further spread has taken place.

We will continue to monitor everyone daily and if anyone would develop any symptoms, we will place them in isolation and will test. This will continue to be our approach, also in our Elderly Care units where we are grateful to have found no new infections since August 24.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 5484431 or email me at:

Bregje Boetekees, manager of WYCCF

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