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MHF and WYCCF renew their successful collaboration

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) and White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) signed a three-year service level agreement to ensure continued collaboration.

The two foundations have been successfully working together for many years already, as early as the first opening of MHF. The foundation that delivers quality mental health care services on Sint Maarten supports the WYCCF with twice-weekly consultations of their psychiatrists, including 24/7 after-hours emergency support when needed. On request, MHF also supports education and training when clinical lessons are offered to the care teams of WYCCF. Family meetings are also held together with WYCCF, as good communication between clients’ family members and their treating specialist is important.

As the WYCCF does not require a full-time psychiatrist, this collaboration with MHF is an ideal solution to providing the full spectrum of healthcare services that some of their clients need. For example, in the psycho-geriatric daycare, within the nursing home and elderly care units, and some clients in the Sister Basilia Center. Consultations at home are also offered when the MHF psychiatrist accompanies the WYCCF District Nurse on their monthly home health visits.

During the signing ceremony, the two foundations expressed appreciation for their pleasant working relationship and will continue to work towards possible additional areas of cooperation in the future.

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MHF Financial and Operational Director Sandro Garcia and WYCCF Operations Manager Bregje Boetekees sign the agreement in the presence of MHF’s executive assistant Cyrille Brooks.

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