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The President of the WYCCF received his vaccine

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Yesterday, the President of the board of the White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation, who is currently on Anguilla, received the Covid-19 vaccine.

Michel Soons: ‘’Even though 2000 people already signed up, I could get the vaccine almost right away. I was also one of the first to receive one, as they started the campaign yesterday".

It was organized especially well, and everything went very smoothly. Within 20 minutes I was out the door again feeling completely fine. No side effects whatsoever so went for a walk on the beach.

I’m happy that I got the opportunity to take the vaccine because I am worried about the consequences of the Covid-19 virus to my lungs, heart, and brain. Secondly, I also did it for the rest of my family, but also the economy and the island in general.’’

Michel Soons is a project developer, and has been with the White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation since 1993, and has been the President of the Board since 2006.

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