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WYCCF celebrates International Women’s Day with a Tea party for female SMH clients

International Women’s Day didn’t go unnoticed at the WYCCF. On Tuesday, March 8th, the WYCCF celebrated Women’s Day with an extensive takeaway breakfast buffet for its staff. Additionally, the St. Martin’s Home organized a fancy Tea Party for its female clients. The WYCCF wants to thank Dino’s Ribs shack, Oyster Bay Beach Resort, K.F.C. Carl & Son’s Unique Bakery, and Dollar Smart for making this event possible with their generous contributions.

The majority of the clients in the St. Martin’s Home are women, and thus in honor of International Women’s Day, the WYCCF organized a fancy tea party in the large dining room. All female clients put on their best dress and most extravagant hat like they were going on a royal visit instead. On several decorated tables filled with traditional ‘’Tea party tiny snacks’’, the ladies enjoyed some mocktail mimosas, each other’s company, and the music. After the cake was cut, some ladies also started dancing with each other and the staff, making the party an overall great success! The ladies had a fantastic time, dancing, chatting, and feeling fancy.

WYCCF Operations Manager Bregje Boetkees said that: “It was great to see the female clients of our Nursing Home, Elderly Care, and Daycare PG enjoy themselves today. These women have worked hard and contributed to our beautiful island. They deserve to be celebrated, and our team organized a wonderful high tea event. After two years of covid, it was really enjoyed by all.”

Women have always been the driving force in healthcare which is no different on St. Maarten. With a female Operations Manager and the vast majority of female employees, it’s safe to say that the women on St. Maarten carry our healthcare system. To celebrate this, the WYCCF organized an extensive breakfast buffet for all employees, served by the few male colleagues. The breakfast, consisting of johnnycakes, different types of bread, snacks, eggs, fruits, yogurts, and drinks, was much appreciated.

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