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WYCCF celebrates the graduation of its two new GZ psychologists.

On June 3rd Zuleima Violenus-Salmon and Stephanie Haseth celebrated graduating with their Doctorates in Psychology on Bonaire.

A Doctorate degree is equivalent also known as a Psy.D, or otherwise equivalent to a GZ psychologist in the Netherlands. Today we’ve surprised them both with a bouquet to celebrate further this impressive achievement.

A GZ Psychologist degree is a 2-year long, academic post-master’s study, that equips a psychologist with the license and qualifications necessary to independently do clinical work in the field of psychology. This study consists of work, guidance, and supervision in psychological diagnostics/assessments, psychological treatment methods as well as sufficient knowledge to be able to contribute to policies and the coordination of care.

After successfully completing this study, one can use the protected title GZ psychologist (which stands for ‘’gezondheidszorg or healthcare ‘’ psychologist).

For WYCCF this means more specialized expertise not only in the diagnosing and treatment of clients but also more tailored support for the system of the clients including family and staff members. Further added benefits are the possibility to coordinate the mental health care of all our clients with an increase of quality care in mind.

The group of 20 graduates are successful pioneers as this was the very first time the GZ psychology study was offered outside of the Netherlands, on the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. This was made possible with close collaboration with Mental Health Caribbean (MHC), Mental Health Foundation Sint Maarten (MHF), Inspired - Psychology Practice and Consultancy, Your Care, and RINO Zuid.

We’re incredibly proud of both psychologists for completing this 2-year study and earning their GZ degree while working at both the WYCCF and MHF.

So today we put them in the spotlight for this amazing achievement!

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