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WYCCF thanks Budget Marine for donating shirts for the new therapeutic pool.

The White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) recently opened its brand-new therapeutic pool. To protect the clients and staff from the sun, Budget Marine St. Maarten donated long sleeve t-shirts specifically designed to protect against the sun to all the therapists, nurses, and group leaders who work in and around the new therapeutic pool. The WYCCF extends its gratitude to Budget Marine for this generous donation. With these shirts, the WYCCF can continue to improve the quality of its care to its clients.

The pool is specifically designed to be used by all clients in the care of the WYCCF, considering their unique needs. This new pool allows for several therapeutic possibilities like water-specific therapy, Clinical Ai Chi, or physical therapy. It is a saltwater pool that brings down the chlorine level, which can be heated if needed, making the water better for the skin, eyes, and airways. It has stairs, a wheelchair ramp, and a passive lift to go in and out of the pool.

These new therapeutic possibilities need to take place in a safe environment, and thus, protection from the sun is essential. Budget Marine, specializing in everything in, on, and around the marine industry, was a logical first party to approach, as the sun is hazardous for people who spend much time on boats. UV-Protective clothing is therefore essential, and Budget Marine offers a wide range of products within this category. The initial request was to get a discount on the purchase of the shirts. However, Budget Marine decided to donate everything for free, as they want to support the improvement of quality healthcare on the island, especially those for vulnerable persons. The WYCCF extends its gratitude to Budget Marine for this generous offer.

Organizations and partners like this make it possible to offer quality care and continuously strive for improvement. The realization of this therapeutic pool and protective clothing for its staff is a clear example.

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