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WYCCF organized Aquatic Therapy Course

The White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) hosted an aquatic therapy course from May 3 to 10, 2022. The course took place in the brand-new therapeutic pool of WYCCF and aimed to increase the aquatic therapy competence of its paramedical team. The size of the pool also allowed to invite external participants from the island, the Netherlands, and even Canada.

Aquatic therapy makes it easier and less painful to move for those that struggle with gravity. Since the water carries the body, one can train muscles in a way that would not be possible on land. This can do wonders for stiffness of muscles and joints, persons who struggle with their weight or are relearning certain movements after an injury or trauma. But aquatic therapy doesn’t only have physical benefits. It has been proven that movement in water improves blood circulation in the body and even in the brain. Movement in the water increases the elasticity of the brain and counteracts stiffness in brain vessels that are associated with aging, inactive life, lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, and various neurological syndromes. This, in turn, boosts brain functions like problem-solving and fall prevention.

The course focused on the above, based on 2 famous concepts: Water Specific Therapy and Clinical Ai Chi. These concepts contain many possibilities for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and adapted physical education teachers alike. Theory and practice were combined during the course days. Several WYCCF clients joined the practical sessions for demonstrations by the course teacher Johan Lambeck, helping to show in practice what was taught. The course ended with an examination: all participants received their certificate, issued by the Swiss Association IATF.

The pool was found to be well designed; two large parasols were very much appreciated, as well as the daily warm lunch served in the gazebo by the pool. The WYCCF staff, as well as the external participants, are all eager to apply the newly learned exercises and activities. The WYCCF is very happy with the course quality and that the responses from all participants were so positive. This course allows for an array of new treatment methods and techniques and is a great example of how the WYCCF continuously aims to improve the quality of its care. White & Yellow Cross Care Foundation, trusted care.

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